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​Sienna Myoung Su Ko is interested in the moment when two contrasting components coexist and balance each other. She especially focused on tensions between perfection and imperfection, graphic aspects and painterly aspects, synthetic and natural, intentional and accident. In her paintings, she uses a combination of mixed media: spray paint, interference paint, fluorescent paint, varnish to explore texture, surface, and color.


2012 – 2016        Rhode Island School of Design, Painting,

                             Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A), RI, United States

2009                    Seoul Art High School, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2006 – 2009      Yewon Art School, Seoul, Republic of Korea


2020    7th Annual Abstract Sanctuary, Portland, Oregon, United States

2019    Wave, Burst, Brick, Geroge Lawson Gallery, Emeryville, CA, United States

2018    32nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville, CA, United States

2018    Small works show, Main Street Art, Clifton Springs, NY, United States

2017    Solo Exhibition “Interplay”, Studio 301, Brooklyn, NY, United States

2017    Geoform Group Exhibition, Jan Kossen Gallery, NY, United States

2016    Honorable Mention, "Light & Color 2016,"  Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery

2016    May Exhibition, Sprout Gallery, RI, United States

2016    All that we can handle, Memorial Hall Gallery, RI, United States

2016    Painting Department Exhibition, Woods Gerry Gallery, RI, United States

2015    DRI 5th group exhibition "Y", Gallery IS, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2014    DRI 4th group exhibition "Némo", Ara Art Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2014    RISD Selected Paintings Department Show, Memorial Hall Gallery, RI, United States

2013    RISD Selected Paintings Department Show, Memorial Hall Gallery, RI, United States

2013    DRI 3rd group exhibition, Young And Wild: [락앤고 (樂&苦)], Gallery the Space, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2013    Foundation Exhibitions: Design, Spatial Dynamics, Waterman Gallery, RI, United States

2013    Foundation Exhibition: Drawing,  Waterman Gallery, Waterman Gallery, RI, United States

2009   The 1st Solo Exhibition, Gallery Gak, Seoul, Republic of Korea


International Society of Acrylic Painters, Jack Richeson and Co. Award

RISD Scholarship ($103,360, 4 yrs total)



2018    Associate Gallery Manager, George Lawson Gallery, CA, United States

2017    Assistant Instructor, PI Art Center, NY, United States

2017    Assistant Instructor, New York Art Studio, NY, United States

2015    Interpreter at MOA* International Environment Exhibition, Republic of Korea

2014    Gallery Monitor, Memorial Hall Gallery, RI, United States

2014    Moveable Studio**, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2013    Docent, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2013    Foundation Teaching Assistant for Spacial Dynamics, Rhode Island School of Design, RI, United States

2012    Art Therapy Internship Seoul Child Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea

* MOA (Maehol Open Air Art Symposium) aims to further greater understanding of human nature and the world through restorative creative action and engagement and in so doing aims to leave a healthier environment - the heritage of the future - to posterity.

** Moveable Studio is a series of week-long workshops with RISD alumni around the world leading to the design and construction of urban temporary installations



2014 – 2015     President of DRI*

2013                  Vice-president of DRI

* DRI is a group that annually holds student-curated exhibition over the summer in the Republic of Korea

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