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October 6 - October 28, 2018


Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Inc., is pleased to announce the location of the 32nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition at 5700 Horton Street in Emeryville (the same location as the 29th Annual Exhibition although the entrance will be along Horton instead of Stanford). The annual juried show is held at a different location each year – generously donated by a local Emeryville business. East Bay Therapeutics and East Bay Drone Zone have donated the space for the 2018 Exhibition.

The 32nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition celebrates the work of Emeryville artists and includes paintings, sculpture, photographs, prints, textiles, ceramics, glassworks and poetry. The sheer number and array of artists living or working in Emeryville illustrates the city’s cultural vibrancy and provide an impressive creative pool that continues to create new and exciting works.

The 2018 exhibition features 165 works from 115 artists, representing the largest group show in its 32-year history. The individual pieces demonstrate the diversity of Emeryville artists and show their engagement with a host of aesthetic, political, and social concerns. A panel of Bay Area arts professionals selected the collection of artwork for the exhibition. Independent curator and exhibition designer, Kathleen Hanna, has served as curator and juror for eight years. The other 2018 jurors are Tim Buckwalter, director of exhibitions, NIAD Art Center, Richmond and Ruth Santee, co-director/owner of Transmission Gallery, Oakland.

“For thirty-two years the Emeryville Celebration of the Arts has been a catalyst sparking a true community event inspiring new and returning artists to create specific works and stimulating community support for their efforts,” said Kathleen Hanna. “This year, the record 165 works represent a community as lively and talented as it is diverse.”

Moment II

Moment II, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 68"x68"

Contributing artists include conceptual artist Packard Jennings, painters Sienna Ko, Jerry Smith, M. Louise Stanley and Jesse Walton, sculptors Cheryl Coon, Mark Galt, Ken Kalman and Melody Kozma-Kennedy, ceramic artists Jered Nelson and Sara Paloma, printmakers Linda Lee Boyd, Erin Fong, Nora Pauwels and Kazuko Watanabe, jewelers Ruth Rhoten and Renée Willis, and textile artist Susan Taber Avila. Works on exhibit are for sale.

Emeryville is designated by the California Arts Council as one of only 14 cities across the state that serve as premier Cultural Districts, highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities. The Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition serves as a celebration of the city’s thriving collective creativity and an invitation for community members and visitors to experience a sampling of artwork created by Emeryville artists.


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