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July 13 - August 18, 2017, JanKossen Contemporary

Celebrating abstract art that is based on the use of geometric forms, sometimes seen as a non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective (non-representational) compositions, the exhibition GEOFORM explores the genre of contemporary non-objective abstraction, created using a variety of mediums. The exhibition will showcase a mix of JanKossen representative artists, and new emerging artists who are invited to send in their proposals. GEOFORM is held in collaboration with the gallery's project space "ARTE PONTE".

Artists List:

Amy Chan
April Hammock
Atsuko Okamoto
Blaine Breaux
Blair Martin Cahill
Clark Rendall
Danielle Feldhaker
George Goodridge
Guang Zhu
Jackie Tufford
Jane Lincoln
John Wilson
Jon Merritt
Kyle Yip
Larry Jones
Lisa Fromartz
Monica Delgado
Myoung Su (AKA Sienna) Ko
Patti Samper
Roberta Estes
Russell Bellamy
Ryota Matsumoto
Sabre Esler
Sean Mick
Sharmen Liao
Stacy Lovejoy

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