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September 21 - October 5, 2017, Studio 301 NYC

The Studio 301 NYC is pleased to present Interplay: a solo exhibition by Sienna Ko. In her first New York solo show, Sienna Ko presents her latest iteration of work addressing the Interplay of values as they relate to conflict and balance. Curated by André Smith, Interplay brings the discourse that accompanies Sienna’s art into the public forum as a means to facilitate art intervention in search of a richer understanding of human meaning.

In Sienna's paintings, she plays with gloss varnish and interference paints to create luminosity and visual complexity. Her paintings are continuously shifting, depending on the amount of light they reflect and the viewer’s viewpoint: their height, angle or distance from the painting. 

As part of her interest in divergent properties, her works are painterly and graphic at the same time. To emphasize the graphic quality, she often uses op art-like patterns, composed of geometrical elements: including dots, lines, and shapes. 


Sienna Ko, Above the Waves, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24"

One of her paintings, Above the Waves, 2016, (see image above) reflects her idea of coexistence between polar opposites. In this piece, systematic lines and irregular lines create an illusionistic pattern. Above the Waves is intense, rigid and graphic from the distance, but closely, it is subtle, flawed and organic. 

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